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Hi, I'm Jenna! I'm a leadership and career coach on a mission to help you shine a light on the stuck places in your life and career.

I work with late bloomers, mid-career pivoters, and people who struggle with high levels of stress and anxiety.  

I'm so glad you're here!

What can I help you with? 

Learn more about my unique blend of career & life coaching. Identify what's got you stuck and get clarity on how to tackle your boldest goals. 

It's amazing how far you can go with a coach in your corner! Together we'll explore where your values lie, how you want to feel, and map out your success.

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About Jenna Leah, CPCC  

Jenna Leah Valovic, CPCC, facilitates corporate trainings and is involved in workplace coaching efforts around well-being and career development. She holds a BA in Anthropology from Smith College and has completed her coaching certification through CTI. She believes that there aren't many things that a good cup of matcha and a bar of dark chocolate can't solve -- but for everything that falls outside of that category, there is coaching!  GET TO KNOW JENNA →